These Themes Are The Cutest For A Springtime Baby Shower

springtime baby shower

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Spring is here, but that’s not the only new season upon you: Parenthood is just around the corner. Because of this, you’re preparing for a lot of changes, as well as celebrations in honor of your new bundle(s) of joy.

You might not be planning your own baby shower, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a hand in choosing the theme. With the sun shining outside and Mother Nature putting on a show, there’s plenty of inspiration to be drawn from the world outside your front door. The sweet theme and festivities will set just the right tone for your most important arrival — here are eight ideas to get you started.

springtime baby shower

1. Nature’s Little Ones

This choice is a potentially obvious one for your baby shower at any time of year, but it’s especially relevant in the spring. That’s because many animals give birth to their broods at this time of year, too.

Within your baby animal theme are different types of creatures to choose from too. Woodland creatures, jungle critters, farm animals, under-the-sea…

All of these make soft, beautiful themes for your pre-baby party.

2. Pineapple of My Eye

Okay, so you might not be experiencing island-like weather in your hometown, but you can still relish in the sunshine. A tropical theme would do the trick: Bringing palm trees, pineapples and flamingoes into your home would create the easy, breezy vibes you can find only in the tropics. Plus, this theme will create some serious menu inspiration, from mom-to-be-friendly mocktails to fruity desserts.

3. Baby de Mayo

Everyone loves Mexican cuisine, so why not let our south-of-the-border neighbors inspire your baby shower? You already know how to do the food: Everything from guacamole and tacos to margaritas will readily fit the bill. Because Cinco de Mayo is already the ideal excuse for a fiesta, there are plenty of Mexican-inspired DIY décor ideas to set a colorful, festive, cost-effective scene.

4. Sweets for My Sweet

Have you spent the last nine months craving sweets? If so, your baby might require a candy-themed welcome party, which you can quickly put together with confections as your inspiration and menu.

Filling clear glass containers with fruity treats will give your food table lots of color. You can draw from these hues when choosing plates, napkins, streamers and more. It might be fun to serve everyone the candy that’s been your must-have throughout your pregnancy too.

5. Twinkle Twinkle

Here’s a sweet theme that’s a bit more classic: a riff on the classic lullaby that you’ll probably sing to your babe once they’re born. The moon-and-stars motif can help you decorate everything from your table to your cake.

On top of that, you can use the shimmering nighttime sky as an excuse to sprinkle everything with a bit of glitter. And if that’s not enough, you can complement metallic gold and silver accents with soft blue, pink or any other color you see fit.

6. Confetti Showers

It’s not a real celebration without throwing a little confetti. Why save those fun and colorful specks of paper for New Year’s Eve? After covering your tables with white tablecloths, bring them to life with a literal shower of cheerful confetti.

Brighten up your walls with paper chains in similar hues. You can even infuse your cake with a bit of edible confetti, aka sprinkles. It’s all about the happy colors, which represent how thrilled you are to be a mom.

7. Honey Bay-Bee

As soon as spring rolls in, so do the honeybees. They pollinate our flowers to keep them growing and collect nectar to turn into honey. All of these natural phenomena can be used to your party-planning advantage.

You already know a bee’s colors are yellow and black, so make the former your main hue with pops of the darker shade. A yellow tablecloth, for example, will set that sunny scene you’re envisioning. Bouquets of flowers will elicit the essence of spring, too. You can add a few bumblebee accents, such as paper ornaments dangling from flower vases. Finish everything off with a menu of honey-infused eats, both sweet and savory.

8. Paper Flower Shower

As we’ve mentioned before, the season has plenty of inspiration for your party theme. We’ve already used it for the baby animals, the bees and, now, the flowers. Crafting several bouquets of your own paper flowers will be equal parts beautiful and cost-effective. Plus, this party is super customizable: blue blossoms for a boy, pink flowers for your girl or blooms in a hue that you just so happen to like.

Welcome Them Home

With the perfect baby shower theme in hand, you can start putting together the decorations and treats that you and your guests will enjoy. And, with that out of the way, there’s only one thing left for you to do: Wait to welcome your baby into the world where you showered them with love even before they were born — how special is that?

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These Themes Are The Cutest For A Springtime Baby Shower

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