We work so hard during pregnancy not to gain “too much” baby weight. And the last thing we need post pregnancy is to have the pressure of getting back to our pre-baby bodies. First of all, your body after baby is different, but not at all unattractive. This is your new normal and should be embraced. So though the title talks about getting your same body back, remember that it’s more important to accept your new body and work towards staying healthy for both you and baby!

post-baby body

You are unlikely able to get into a gym or hire a personal trainer at the beginning (or at all), so here are a few first steps you can do from home to get your body back:

1. Breastfeed (If you are able)

Breastfeeding is a great way to naturally lose the pounds because it’s an act that burns calories but doesn’t harm you or the baby. Women’s Health offers specifics on the correlation between breastfeeding and weight loss here.


2. Drink only water.

If you are nursing, you probably do this already toΒ keep up with demand. But if you aren’t, try not to get in the habit of drinking caffeinated beverages. Water offers you nourishment and healing, post baby. Do your best to drink 6-10 glasses of water a day!

3. Eat smaller portions more frequently.

Toss out the routine of three meals a day! Try eating smaller portions every couple of hours. Make sure your plate is full of healthy color. Check out this post about 7 Tasty Foods To Help Lose Postpartum Weight and get tips for the best snacks to add to your diet!

4. Cut out sugar.

This one is hard, but with sugar comes the crash later, and you can’t afford the crash when you’re already sleep-deprived! To keep yourself away from sugar, keep sugar away from you! Don’t let it in the house, or at least limit it! Meal plan so you don’t grab unhealthy foods because you’re in a hurry or out of options. There will be an initial detox that will be hard to get through, but cutting out sugar will be worth it in the end. Your body will thank you!

5. Daily movement

You are unlikely going to be waking up early and running for miles right after having a baby, so don’t feel guilty about a shift in your exercise routine. Remember that what’s important is movement. Find ways to keep moving as much as possible and celebrate each one because any form of movement is a win!

6. Work-out WITH the baby

Don’t let the baby hold you back. Instead, find ways to work-out WITH the baby. Strap him/her in a baby carrier or stroller and take a walk! This website has lots of post-baby workout tips!

7. Give yourself grace

Don’t forget to give yourself grace throughout the entire process. If you allow guilt into your life or put pressure on yourself, you are only setting yourself up for failure. Do what you can, whenever you can, and make acceptance of your new body your number one goal! Only then will these others fall into place.


post-baby body


Amanda Foust
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