10 Fun Ways To Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

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Finding out that you’re pregnant can be one of the scariest things you’ll ever experience, as well as one the most exciting. Telling you’re partner the news is another terrifying/exciting moment, as well. When I was younger I always dreamed of telling my husband in really cute and fun ways. Then the time came when I actually found out I was pregnant and I wasn’t sure how my husband was going to take the news. I knew he would be excited, but scared, just like me. I ended up chickening out and just told him something like, “So, um, I took a pregnancy test today and, um, I’m pregnant?” I think because I sounded so unsure about the whole thing it made him more nervous. I think if I would have told him in a fun way that it would have made him more excited and happy about it instead of being unsure just like me. So, when it comes time for you to finally tell your spouse the great news, try telling them in one of these 10 fun ways so that they’ll be just as excited as you are.


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1. If I’m Going To Get Fat

This is such a funny way to tell your partner that you’re pregnant. I mean, technically you’re not getting “fat” just because you’re pregnant, but when your body completely changes and your belly grows exponentially, it sure feels that way! You could print off this cute sign and give it to your partner with their favorite candy or sweets. To make it a little more obvious you could tie the pregnancy stick on top of the present, as well.

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2. Surprise Mug

If you’re partner is a big coffee or tea drinker, buy this fun mug for him or her to have their next warm drink in. Once they’re finished with their drink, they’ll see this fun note and will hardly be able to believe their eyes. It will definitely be completely unexpected, which makes it even more fun. I mean, who writes notes in the bottom of a mug?

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3. Baby Daddy Shirt

You can also surprise your partner with this fun T-shirt. You can either wrap it up as a present, or if they ask for you to hand them a shirt while getting dressed for the day, give them this one and see how long it takes him to realized what is actually on the shirt. He may notice right away, or it may take him a few minutes until he walks in the bathroom to brush his teeth or do his hair.

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