10 Hacks That’ll Make Doing Laundry Easier And More Functional

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7. Install Rolling Slim Shelving

Often times laundry spaces are very small and don’t have a lot of extra room. That means utilizing every square inch of the space is of utmost importance. If you’ve got a few extra inches on the side of your machines that’s being wasted, build yourself some rolling slim shelving. It can be tucked away on the side of your machine when not in use, but can still hold lots of products and supplies to keep them organized.

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8. Foil Dryer Balls

Tired of running out of dryer sheets all the time? Instead of buying and using laundry sheets, make your own dryer balls using aluminum foil. It will keep static cling off of your clothes without all the chemicals in the sheets. They may not make your clothes feel as soft as fabric softener sheets, but they’re simple to make, and can be reused for months.

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9. Beautifully Display Laundry Detergent

If you’re tired of looking at the ugly detergent container, place it in a pretty drink dispenser. It will look so much more beautiful sitting on your shelf, but it’s still easy to dispense and use. What a great way to hide something that would normally be an eye sore and look ugly in your laundry room.

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10. Use Vinegar To Clean Washing Machine

Just like everything else we use daily, washing machines need to be cleaned, as well. A simple and easy way to clean your top loading washing machine is to fill the basin with warm water then add 2 cups of white vinegar. Let it stand for an hour, then run the normal wash cycle as you usually would. This will not only clean your machine, but get rid of any hard water build up and get rid of any icky smell that may have built up over time from sitting water in your machine.

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