12 Amazing Uses For Toothpaste You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Before!

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One of the best topics to find while searching through the internet are hacks that can make your life easier. As a busy, working mom I welcome with open arms anything that can make things in my life a little more simple and easier to take care of. Recently, I discovered that toothpaste is one of these life hacks that has a lot more uses than just cleaning our teeth! It can often get us out of a bind when we run out of other cleaners, when our children create messes, or when we need to fix something. Here are 12 awesome uses for toothpaste that you’ll never believe. Who would have thought it could be used for so many things?


Source: homestoriesatoz.com

1. Remove Permanent Marker From Wood

Oh how us moms loathe those pesky permanent markers. No matter how hard we try to hide those markers and keep them from our kids, somehow they always end up finding one. And of course, we don’t find out that they somehow got one until we see the marks on a piece of furniture or the wall. No need to fear anymore if that marker has been used on wood furniture. You can use toothpaste to get it out! Find a normal toothpaste without any gel and squeeze it liberally onto the wood. Then take a damp cloth and rub it in. Within a few minutes those marker stains should be gone and your wood should be back to it’s beautiful self!

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