12 Surprising Things You Can Clean In Your Dishwasher

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I am a huge fan of my dishwasher. To the point that when my dishes have built up for a few days (yes, it’s an awful habit), I just rinse everything and do multiple loads until its all done. So when I found out there are items in my home I can clean in the dishwasher, I was pretty darn excited. Some of these literally changed my life and I hope the same for you!

1. Plastic Toys

Most plastic toys are dishwasher safe on the top rack. This is especially a good idea of any of the kiddos have been sick as it will not only clean them, but also sanitize. Make sure your avoid high heat as you don’t want them to melt.


2. Sponge and Scrub Brush

We wash our sponge and scrub brush in the dishwasher at least one a week. It lengthens their life while keeping them sanitary and smelling fresh. I don’t have to replace them as often as I used to before this handy hack.


3. Tooth Brush Holder

Can we talk about how gross the bottom of our toothbrush holders get, or is that just my house? I am honestly ashamed how long I leave it sometimes. Well, just think about how ridiculous I felt when I realized I could have been putting it in my dishwasher this whole time. And heck, you can just throw your toothbrushes in the silverware basket for good measure.

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