7 Frugal Tips That Will Save You Over $700 A Year

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No matter what your financial situation we could all use a little extra money each year. Whether you need the money for vacation, to buy a car, or to buy some clothes for your kids, saving that money can sometimes be difficult and seem all together impossible. However, there are some easy and clever ways to save money without completely depriving yourself. Check out these 7 frugal tips to help you save money. I don’t know about you, but I would love an extra $700 in my pocket.

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1. Create A Cash Jar

Whether you usually carry cash in your wallet or not, somehow we always end up with cash every now and again. Designate a special jar or container for saving money and when you end up with that random extra cash in your wallet, drop it in the jar. Whether you only put in a one dollar bill, or a five dollar bill, if you do this every time you have cash in your wallet it will add up fast. Let’s just say you put in $1 every week. That’s $52 over a whole year. Imagine how much money you would have at the end of the year if you put in more than just $1 a week!

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