9 Fashionable Swimsuits For Moms That Don’t Scream “Mom”

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Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a cute and fashionable swimsuit. A lot of women feel that once they become a mom they can’t or shouldn’t wear bikini’s because they are either inappropriate or because they are not comfortable in their new mom body. I have found, as I have had more friends become moms over the years, that this is a very common feeling. There are, however, many great options now a days for swimsuits that will leave you covered and comfortable but still looking fashionable. Here are our top 9 picks that’ll leave you feeling young but covered.


Source: reyswimwear.com

1. Vintage Inspired Two Piece

This colorful vintage inspired two piece swimsuit is just all around adorable. The top will cover all your mid section and hide your cleavage. The bottoms are cut much lower on your buttocks and legs than a regular two piece bottom, leaving you more comfortable. Another great feature is that you can tie the sides on the top so it can hang as low as you want around your hips, or as high as you want around your waist.


Source: kortnijeane.com

2. One Piece Peplum

Peplum tops are not only very popular in fashion these days, but they have also become very popular in swimsuit designs as well. This one piece swim suit will leave you fully covered from top to bottom. The peplum part flows out and covers up the mid section that you don’t want shown. Many of us moms have that awkward “mom pooch” that we want covered up and this swimsuit will do just that while still looking adorable in the leopard print.


Source: target.com

3. Peplum Top Tankini

If you want the peplum top, but in a two piece that still covers you, this tankini is the perfect option. It’s bright polka dot design makes it eye catching and incredibly cute. It shows a little skin while still leaving some to the imagination. It’s the perfect marriage between a one piece and a bikini.

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