9 Fashionable Swimsuits For Moms That Don’t Scream “Mom”

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Source: reyswimwear.com

7. Skirted One Piece

If you want a full skirt swimsuit that doesn’t look like your grandma’s, you’ve got to purchase this one piece. The colors, pattern, and cut all create a perfect harmony between fashionable and modest. The top part around the bust also is very conservative and will hold all the girls in without showing too much cleavage. It covers everything from the bust down to the buttocks area and upper legs making it a winner for anyone looking for full coverage in a swimsuit.


Source: anthropologie.com

8. One Piece Shorts

Some women feel a little uncomfortable in swimsuits because the cut around the legs it too high and shows off too much skin around the butt and pelvic area. This one piece has shorts on the bottom area that will cover you up and leave you feeling less insecure. The floral fabric and cut of the upper part of the swimsuit, however, still have a fun and cute look that keeps it young and fresh.


Source: sportchalet.com

9. Rashguard Tankini

If you want more coverage around your chest and shoulders, you can opt for this rashguard tankini. It’s almost as if you’re wearing a shirt, but much more comfortable for the water and sun. You won’t have to worry about the girls falling and and you definitely won’t have to worry about your mid section being seen. The cute and bright design keeps the swimsuit fun even though most of the upper body is covered. Just because you’re covered in a swimsuit doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion.

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