9 Fashionable Swimsuits For Moms That Don’t Scream “Mom”

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Source: nordstrom.com

4. Flouncy Top Tankini

If your mid section makes you incredibly uncomfortable and you don’t want anything hugging your tummy area, this flouncy tankini will be perfect for you. Since the top is flowy and lightweight it won’t be tight across your mid section leaving you feeling comfortable and at ease while relaxing by the pool.


Source: maykool.com

5. High Waisted Bikini

These high waisted bikinis have become very popular over the last year or so, and for good reason. They still have the ease of a two piece without looking like a “mom” one piece bikini. It’s almost like a reverse tankini. Instead of having a little skin showing in your mid section around your hips, you have a small amount of skin showing near your ribs. It completely covers the mom pooch and still gives the illusion that you’re wearing a bikini.


Source: kohls.com

6. Rouched, Skirted, One Piece

One of the best pieces of clothing you can wear to hide any fat is a rouched top. Rouching is when the material is sewn in a way that it’s permanently scrunched up. It completely hides any imperfections in your mid section. This swimsuit also has a small skirt detail on the bottom, covering up your  hips and buttocks area. It’s all around a great swimsuit that will leave you completely covered and comfortable, but the pattern and sweetheart top keep it fashionable and looking young.

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