9 Genius Tips For Packing Your Suitcase Like A Pro

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7. Place Beauty Products In The Middle Of The Suitcase

Be sure to place any breakable beauty products (or any breakables for that matter) in the very middle of your suitcase. It will give them extra cushion so the likelihood of them breaking will be less.


8. Use A Pill Container To Store Jewelry

Packing jewelry can be one of the most difficult things to pack when traveling. Earrings and rings are so small that they easily get lost and necklaces tend to get all tangled together. To keep each piece in it’s own place, without getting tangled or lost, place your jewelry in a pill container. It has plenty of compartments for your jewelry so you can bring even more items than you were originally planning, which is always a plus.


9. Put Shower Caps Around Shoes

Let’s be honest here, our shoes tend to be a little stinky and just gross. I mean who knows what has been on the floor where we have walked? There’s all kinds of germs on our shoes, so to keep them off your clothes, put shower caps around your shoes. This will prevent them from touching anything and making anything in your bag stinky or dirty.

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