9 Great Date Night Ideas For Families WIth Toddlers

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It can be hard dating once you have kids. It’s not always easy to find a babysitter, and if you’re like me and my husband, we would most of the time rather spend time with our son than without him. As a result we end up going on a lot of family dates. These, too, can be really fun and refreshing. It’s really nice for your kids to join in on the dating fun as well. It gives them more opportunities to spend time with both you and your spouse and usually gives them a really fun, entertaining activity. However, it’s not always easy figuring out what will be fun and exciting to do for a family date, which usually results in staying at home going crazy as our kids destroy the house. Next time you find yourself sitting at home needing a family date night, try one of these 9 ideas that will be fun for the whole family.


1. Go To The Playground/Park

It’s always fun to head to the playground or the park and let your child run free. It’s fun to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and expend some energy for both you and your toddler. You don’t just have to play on the playground, you could also play lots of different games on the field at the park like tag, hide and seek, or you could fly a kite together. No matter what you’re doing, at least you’ll be running around together, playing, having fun, and making lasting family memories.


2. Head To The Zoo

Often times there are local zoos that are much less expensive to visit than the larger, more commercialized zoos. You could also look into getting annual passes which might be a better bargain depending on how many times you end up going through out the year. Kids love seeing animals and it’s always fun to see them for yourself as well. It provides endless hours of entertainment for not only your toddler but for you and your significant other as well.


3. Go To A Children’s Museum

If you’re looking for something to do as a family, head to a children’s museum. There are lots of children’s museums that are free or at least very low cost. It will certainly provide lots of learning opportunities and fun things for your kids to touch and play with and will also provide you with a lot of joy as you watch them learn and explore.

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