Might As Well Jump! 7 Athletic Jumpsuits to Get You Moving

athletic jumpsuits

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I’m not going to lie–– I don’t know how I feel about this new “athletic jumpsuit” trend. As someone who’s on the shorter side, I just don’t see how donning a one piece athletic pantsuit is good for anyone’s eyes, but maybe that’s just me. If you’re in the market for some new athletic wear, maybe a jumpsuit is for you! Check out some popular styles below.

athletic jumpsuits

Source: HM.com

1. Yoga Jumpsuit

Made from quick drying and stretchy material, this jumpsuit is a yogi’s best friend. The mesh cutouts in the bust also come with removable cups for extra support, and you can’t beat the decorative and dainty narrow straps. At less than $40, this jumpsuit is one worth trying.

athletic jumpsuits

Source: CoachYoga.com

2. “Sexy” Women’s Jumpsuit

Whether you prefer cardio like running or relaxing yoga, this jumpsuit claims to handle them both. This slim-fitting suit is made with breathable fabric with supportive back straps. It’s simple, yet sexy.

athletic jumpsuits

Source: Zappos.com

3. Training Ultimate All-In-One, adidas by Stella McCartney

This cropped jumpsuit is designed to handle high-intensity workouts. Strategically placed mesh panels ensure maximum airflow, while the rest of the sturdy fabric holds up under sweat and grime.

athletic jumpsuits

Source: Lululemon.com

4. Balance & Resist Onesie

A built in bra and seamless construction sets this onesie apart from the rest. Coming in classic gray, the wide, criss-crossed straps keep everything in place during your interval training.

athletic jumpsuits

Source: Forever21.com

5. Active Racerback Jumpsuit

A little bit sexy, a little bit functional- you get it all with this active racerback jumpsuit. The deep scoop in the back and skinny straps leave just a little to the imagination, while the mesh panels give some much needed airflow while you’re sweating it out. There’s no info as to whether this onesie comes with a built in bra, so this may be better suited for at-home workouts.

athletic jumpsuits

Source: Fabletics.com

6. Snowdrop Leotard

Bright and colorful with slimming side panels, you’ll be shocked how great you look in this leotard. Made from all-way stretch and wicking fabric, this jumpsuit also comes with a built in bra and removable cups for support. The keyhole design in the back is just a bonus!

athletic jumpsuits

Source: Adidas.com

7. Wanderlust Onesie

Sporty colors and recycled fabric make this a fun and functional onesie. Supportive cross straps and a high neck means you won’t be worrying about anything “falling out” while working your yoga practice.



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Might As Well Jump! 7 Athletic Jumpsuits to Get You Moving.1

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