How To Throw An Epic & Affordable Bridal Shower

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Fancy pants, party hats and being so bridal glam all the time gets expensive. The bridal party, and of course the bride, herself, don’t need the kind of stress and panic that comes after overspending.

You can throw an amazing bridal shower without blowing all of the budget — and it doesn’t mean you have to make streamers out of toilet paper. Bridal showers may be more original with creativity and loving thought placed into personalized details. Here’s how to keep the bride blushing with a few tips to give her the shower she deserves, with less stress.


1. Focus On Simplicity & Creativity With The Menu.

Neatly cut tea sandwiches are so cute but so cliché. And really – cucumbers and cream cheese? You can do better than that.

The menu should be delicious, comforting and relevant to the bridal party’s taste. If the bride loves your local Thai place, for example, there is nothing wrong with serving food from little Asian takeout boxes and pouring over a scrapbook one of the bridesmaids put together. You could also make your own authentic Pad Thai.

Keep the menu simple with small plates, a dessert bar with chocolate and champagne or fun with a breakfast for dinner buffet or a waffle bar.

Don’t be afraid of themes, either. If the bride’s a baseball fan, center the menu around healthy (or not) game foods you’d find in the stands. A Mad Hatter tea party is also a wacky, classy idea, especially if the bride’s a literary nerd. When the tea sandwiches are cut out to look like cats and other fun shapes, it’s less cliché.

2. Paper Is Your Ally.

From streamers and garlands to bow tie cake toppers and cute centerpieces, DIY paper craft bridal shower decorations may save you from a lot of unnecessary spending. Such things do take a while to make, however. If you’re short on time, pick a paper project that will have the most impact aesthetically and the least likelihood of creating bug eyes when checking the budget.

Pretty paper can be expensive, though, so you may be rolling your eyes at the thought of cheap DIY paper décor. Sometimes, it’s easier to buy something rather than purchase all of the supplies to construct what may be a failed attempt. Don’t worry: You’ve got this. You could even try making these coffee filter flower pom-poms that resemble hydrangeas. With a little sparkle and dye, these are very classy decorations to suspend from the ceiling with hanging lights. It’s just a trip to a dollar store near you.

3. Focus On Invoking Memories.

Break out the box of memories if you’re afraid the party may get stagnant after a few games and gifts being opened. You’ll give everyone a chance to get closer by engaging the loved ones and members of bridal party with fond and funny memories of the bride. You could call it “bridal shower and tell.”

So, yes, paper is your ally, but don’t use notecards to share memories. Let attendees sit in a circle and share a fond memory organically. Open with a toast and go around the circle, giving everyone a chance to share. Preferably, show a physical keepsake of that memory, such as a concert ticket or best friends’ necklace — you might want to give guests a heads up about this activity so they have time to find something.

Decorations and activities may also invoke nostalgia. What year did the couple meet? Do they have a song? Invite attendants to forward you a photo that captures a favorite memory with the bride. Then, create a clothespin garland of lyrics or photos. Leave a section of the line empty to add candid instant print photos, and you’ll be able to share memories as they are being created.

4. Get Cozy.

You want the bridal shower to be a reflection of what the bride herself likes and enjoys. If the bride is a homebody who loves her PJs, make the bridal shower a pajama party and move night. Watch old movies starring Julia Roberts, like “Mystic Pizza,” and, obviously, order the best pizza in town. After all, who doesn’t love Julia Roberts, comfy PJs and pizza? Take or leave “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

Every year, couples spend over $72 billion dollars together on their special days. That is so many dollars! Weddings and the celebratory events leading up to the big day are big business and may be a major source of stress.

With a little ingenuity and innovation, though, the menu, games and decorations for the bridal shower can be affordable and relieve worry over finances. More importantly, the bride will have an epic shower full of originality and personalization that will surely be an unforgettable experience for her.


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Jennifer Landis is a 27-year-old healthy living blogger who loves yoga, running, and dancing it out with her toddler! You can find more from Jennifer at her blog, Mindfulness Mama, or by following her on Twitter: @jenniferelandis.

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