5 Time Saving Hairdos For The Working Mom

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Let’s get the facts straight – working mothers don’t have it easy! Every morning you’re in a race against time, struggling to get everything done. You scuttle from one place to another, waking up your little sleepyheads, preparing breakfast for them, readying them for school, packing their lunch and finally dropping them off at the bus stop or school. You come back feeling exhausted, if you don’t already have to head straight to work, wanting to relax on your comfy couch for a few minutes. However, as soon as you see the clock, you jump out of your skin and rush to get dressed for work. Even if you try hard, you’re left with little time and patience to take the efforts to look the chicest you can. You put on the first thing you find in your wardrobe and throw your hair up in a ponytail. Your look remains the same all five days of the week, to an extent that even you yawn looking at your reflection in the mirror. Well, if you find yourself nodding in agreement, here are five quick work-appropriate hairdos that are sure to amp up both your glam quotient and your spirits!

Side Braid


Source: SheKnows.com

1. Side Braid

On days when your hair is limp and unruly, a sophisticated side braid is your answer! Braids are one of the few hairstyles that have firmly maintained their spot of being the perfect go-to hairdos for over centuries together! This fuss-free hairstyle can be perfected in less than five minutes, leaving you with ample time to focus on your outfit and to do up your face. It works best on medium to long hair. All you need to do is bring all your hair onto one side and braid it, tight or loose – however you like it. Secure the ends with an elastic band. You can leave a few strands loose to add some drama to your “business-woman” look.

Head over to SheKnows.com for 136 MORE braided hairstyles, perfect for both work and play.

Sleek Bun

Source: StyleCraze.com

2. Sleek Bun

Get in touch with your polished and plucky side with a sleek bun. This hairdo hits the nail right on the head when it comes to blending workwear with elements of modern style! If you think it couldn’t get any better, you must know that this hairstyle requires no pro skills and can be put together in a few minutes. Work some high-gloss serum on your hair strands and comb it to the back. Twist it up in a high bun and secure with bobby pins.

Check out StyleCraze.com for this style, as well as 49 other great looks for long hair.


Source: Hair.AllWomensTalk.com

3. Jasmine Ponytail

Want to play around with your look for Friday’s casual dress code? Well, then this hairstyle is just what you’re looking for! Infuse a Disney princess vibe into your workwear and watch as you make a mark with your peppy style! Redefine a classic trend with this fun rendition to the good-old ponytail. Pull your hair back into a ponytail, securing it with an elastic band. Leave a slight gap and tie another band around that section of the ponytail. Continue to do the same until the entire ponytail is covered.

If you love this look, then head over to Hair.AllWomensTalk.com to see a video tutorial on how it’s done!

Soft Half Up Half Down

Source: OnceWed.com

4. Soft Half Up Half Down

 If you’re having a great hair day but are not sure how you want to style it, here’s a gorgeous look to consider! A soft half up, half down hairstyle works beautifully for medium to long, wavy hair and is a functional look that you can wear both, during the day and the night. You could totally sport the same hairdo for a night out with the girls or a much needed date night with your spouse after rocking a fabulous presentation at the office! Comb your hair to the back and flatten the crown. Twist a layer of your hair from one side and pin it to the center. Now, twist another layer from the other side, tucking it under the first layer. Secure both layers with pins.

OnceWed.com has a complete tutorial on how this look is achieved, along with tons of other styles for weddings and other special events.

Side Swept Chignon-1

Source: HairStylesWeekly.com

5. Cute Side-Swept Chignon

From celebrity divas to beauty bloggers, all swear by a chignon on those hurried and bad hair days! This feminine low-slung bun is your ideal hair-fix when you’re not really in the mood to take pains to dress up, but still want to make an impact with your grace and elegance. Side part your hair and tease it at the crown. Make a low ponytail, twirl it around on one side and tie a knot. Secure it hair with pins.

HairStylesWeekly.com is a go-to source on styles for all hair types, with special features on the trendiest looks.


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