9 Baby Products I Wish I Had As A First Time Mom

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4. Co-sleeper

Being a new mom is exhausting. You hardly get any sleep. For some reason when we had our son I started him off sleeping in his own room from day one. I don’t really know why I did this, but I did. Getting up every few hours and having to walk across the hall into his room to nurse him and change him really started taking it’s toll on me. I felt like I hardly got any sleep. I really started to wish I had a co-sleeper so we could have our baby right by our bedside so I could easily grab him while in bed to nurse and still catch a few winks while he nursed.


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5. My Brest Friend

When I registered for my first child I registered at Target and they had those cute Boppy nursing pillows with the cute covers. I loved them and so I registered for them. That was the only nursing pillow Target had, so I just assumed it was the one I should get. Then, a few months later I was at a friend’s house and she let me use her My Brest Friend nursing pillow. It was such a difference! It actually supported the baby and was secure around my body. I didn’t feel like the baby was slipping down while nursing and there were little pockets and compartments to hold little essentials you might need while nursing.


Source: target.com

6. Humidifier

Ok, I’ll admit I actually did buy this before our son was born, however, I didn’t actually think we would really use it. I only bought it because it was so dang cute. Fast forward to the first time our baby got sick. My doctor and lots of websites all recommended using a humidifier to help keep the air in the room moist for relief from nasal congestion, dry coughs and cold and flu symptoms. I ended up using it every time our son got sick and it really did help him sleep better at night.

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