9 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Going Back To School

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7. Special After School Snack

Surviving the first day of school is a big accomplishment! Treat your kids to a special snack after school for completing the first day. You can bake a special cake, their favorite cookies, or take them out for ice cream when you pick them up. They’ll be excited to have something so delicious to eat after a long first day.


8. School Supply Scavenger Hunt

Turn buying school supplies into something fun by creating a fun scavenger hunt for your kiddos to complete in order to get them. You have to buy them and give them to them anyways, so instead of just giving them all the new supplies at once without any anticipation, create a fun scavenger hunt for them so they’ll get excited about their new school stuff.


9. First Day Of School Decorations

There’s nothing like balloons and streamers to get your kids full of excitement. Decorate your living room the night before the first day of school with tons of balloons, streamers, and signs so that when they wake up on the first day of school they’ll be surprised and get excited. It’ll feel like they’re celebrating a special holiday and will trick them into being excited about going to school.



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9 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Going Back To School

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