The Top Pregnancy Exercises/Workouts To Help You Have A Fit Pregnancy

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During your pregnancy, while you should by no means engage in rigorous circuit training or extreme sports, most women should have no issues maintaining a certain activity level to keep themselves and their bodies looking good. For a woman at a healthy pre-pregnancy weight, it is suggested to gain somewhere between 25-35 pounds throughout the duration of pregnancy. With routine exercise, this will help you to gain at a slow and steady pace so you don’t faint when you step on the doctor’s scale each month. Here are our top pregnancy exercises/workouts to help you have a fit pregnancy:


Suzanne Bowen’s Slim & Toned Prenatal Barre Workout

Speaking from personal experience, I love this workout. It’s different than what you may be used to in terms of fitness, like being barefoot, but with a little help from a sturdy chair for certain squat exercises and such, you will certainly feel the burn. The video flows at a nice pace and there are variations of the techniques to accommodate whatever stage bump you’re sporting. I highly recommend this workout, as you will see many other mama’s-to-be do as well on Amazon.

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