Every woman loves having her nails nicely manicured, but lets be honest, as moms we don’t always have the time to do this, or the money to have it done at a salon.  When we finally have the opportunity to do our nails, we’ll do anything to make it last longer to ensure that we get every second out of it that we can.  If you’re having trouble getting your manicure to last longer than a day, here are some tips you may find helpful:

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1. Clean Off Your Nails

Before you paint your nails you’ll want a very clean base to work with.  Even if you have no nail polish on, clean your nails off with some acetone so get rid of any oils and don’t wash your hands afterwards.  Just start painting right after you clean the nail off.  It’ll allow the nail polish to adhere better to your nail.

Mary Mulroney

Mary Mulroney

Hi there! I'm a beach lover, thrift store addict, crafting and DIY obsessed, mama of one son, and soon to be one daughter. My husband and I have been married for 5 and a half years and honestly couldn't be happier. We love our little life together as a family and spend every minute that we can together.

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