10 Legitimate Ways Moms Are Making Money Online

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#4 – Direct Sales

You’re likely familiar with companies like Avon, Scentsy, It Works, Lia Sophia and more. They are all direct selling companies, meaning that they have “representatives” from all over the world working to sell their product, who are thus making a commission off of these sales. Many women hold “parties” out of their homes, showcasing their favorite products, sharing the opportunity with friends, and more! It can be a really fun and exciting business venture if you put your mind to it! Once you start to build your brand and you begin to recruit other representatives, you’ll be on your way to earning referral bonuses each time a member of your team sells or recruits! The Between Moms website shares an entire directory of direct selling opportunities for you to peruse. Find one that’s right for you, and be sure to check out this great article from The Work At Home Woman for some great advice on direct selling!

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