7 Steps For Surviving The Terrible Twos

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Prior to the last few months, I often gave myself a figurative pat on the back for how well-behaved my daughter was. Sure, she was known to have an outburst here and there, but she was pretty good spirited and easy going.  Being into her twos, I thought I had brought a child into the world who would just let the dreaded “terrible two’s” phase pass her by, while she continued to exhibit her sweet and caring spirit. Then one day, it all changed. I can’t quite put my finger on when I noticed it, but it was probably after several consecutive days of both my daughter and I wanting to cry ourselves to sleep from frustration. The Terrible Two’s were upon us.

There’s a saying that “God only gives you what you can handle” and I must say, He must think highly of me because yesterday I was ready to give myself a time out. For a very long time. I honestly did not know how to see past the red-faced, screaming toddler who tried to claw my face, and get a glimpse of my precious child. Being at the end of my rope, I’ve sought some advice on surviving this difficult time in both my toddler and I’s relationship. If you’re here, you are probably feeling the same thing. So join with me, and hopefully we learn a thing or two!


1. Patience

Let’s just got the hardest one out of the way, shall we? Having patience with a mis-behaving or loud child is difficult at best. Your first reaction is to address the behavior in hopes that it will stop, and you can resume the situation. If that doesn’t work, your patience begins to wane and you start raising your voice and making quick discipline decisions that may not be the best. It happens. But keep in mind that this is one of many tough situations in the lifespan of the terrible twos. Your toddler is changing physically, emotionally and psychological and they can’t handle it all with the grace and poise of an adult. It’s ok for mom to take a time out, and you should if you are at a loss for how to handle your tantruming child. Keep on with your patience and remember that this too shall pass.

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