20 Fun & Free Things To Do At The Beach With Young Kids

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With summer quickly approaching, chances are you have a few beach days or a vacation planned to go to the beach. If you have young children, the beach can sometimes be stressful and difficult. However, there are so many fun things you can do at the beach with your children that will keep them occupied on the sand. No need to worry about spending any money, either. All of these are free and fun – the best of both worlds! Your kids will love doing all of these things while they are playing on the beach, which will allow you to not stress so much about how to entertain your child. Next time you’re at the beach with your kiddos, try doing some of these 20 different activities and have fun!


1. Treasure Hunt

The beach is the perfect place to hunt for buried treasure since there’s so much to find in the sand. You and your little ones can hunt for seashells, sand dollars, or other trinkets left behind by other people. ¬†Collet them and put them in one of the beach buckets or a bag you brought. With everything you collect, make a memory jar at home so your kids will always remember your fun beach trip. If you really want to make the treasure hunt interesting, have a contest to see who can find the most stuff.

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