10 Easy At-Home Mommy & Me Exercises

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As busy moms, it’s hard to balance the daily tasks like cleaning, cooking, and exercising without sacrificing quality time with our kids.  It’s something I struggle with every day.  I strive to get a daily workout in, but trying to fit that in my busy schedule is difficult.  Recently, I have been researching some exercises where I can include my son so that I not only get a great workout in, but also spend some time with my little guy.  I’ve rounded up my top 10 mommy and me exercises, some of which can only be done with a toddler, and some of which may only be able to be done with a younger baby.  Regardless, you’re sure to find some that you can do with your kiddo.  Remember, before trying any of these, check with your doctor to make sure both you and your baby are healthy enough to do them.


Source: allingoodtwine.com

1. Plank Tunnel

This can be a really fun, interactive exercise for your toddler.  Get into plank position, either on your toes or knees (depending on your fitness level), with your arms straight underneath your shoulders.  Make sure your body is in a straight line from your head to your toes and keep your abs pulled in tight.  As you hold your body in this difficult position tell your toddler to crawl underneath the tunnel that your body makes.  Together you can see how many times they can sneak underneath or you can see if they can go underneath you without touching your body.  Get creative and have fun!

(For other great ideas to do with your toddler, cleaning tricks, and recipes, head over to All In Good Twine a creative lifestyle blog).

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